As we wrap up our 2018 season, we just wanted to share some of our favorite photos from this summer’s adventures! It was another amazing season of exploring Wrangell-St. Elias, and if anything, it’s just made us thirsty for more! Thanks to all who joined us on a trip, and keep on adventuring!

alaska mountaineering

Our climbing team on the summit of Mt. Huxley, on a beautiful bluebird day!


alaska ski mountaineering

Client Jack ripping sweet turns in the Chugach Mountains on our 5-day Spring Ski Mountaineering trip!


alaska mountain climbers

Our climbing crew on Mt. Bona, picking their way up through the cracks on their way up from base camp.


alaska backpacking guides

Guides Daniel, Ryan, and Jonathan enjoying a beautiful day on the Kennicott Glacier during an early-season training trip!


alaska wilderness rafting

Our 13-person crew ready to push off onto the Chitina River during our first multi-day rafting trip of the season!


backpacking in wrangell st elias

Clients Joe and Stefanie exploring Chitistone Pass on a Skolai Basecamp Hiking trip!


alaska glacier ice climbing

Client Tegan tries her hand at ice climbing on the Root Glacier before her 7-day Journey to Oz backpacking trip!


kayaking iceberg lake alaska

Client Scott paddles an inflatable kayak through the icebergs of Nizina Lake on a 3-day hiking/kayaking adventure!


alaska rafting campfire

Guides and clients enjoy a campfire along the shores of the Copper River on our 7-day rafting trip!


alaska backpacking sunset

Client Matt captured a beautiful sunset over camp on a 4-day Skolai Pass Basecamp Hiking trip!


alaska river rafting

Guides Cody, Ebs, and Emma explored the Lakina River with their packrafts on a beautiful day off!


alaska snow camping

Guide Chris with clients Cat and Anne woke up to beautiful snow on their exploratory backpacking trip near Mt. Jarvis on the north side of the park. Brrrr!


brooklyn to alaska rafting

The crew of 12 strong ladies enjoyed sunshine on their last night in camp during their Nizina-Chitina River rafting trip as part of the Brooklyn to Alaska program!


alaska backpackers chugach

Clients Jon and Trond cruise across the tundra under bluebird skies on their Seven Passes backpacking trip in the Chugach Mountains!


alaska rafting icebergs

Guide Nick gets a little help to squeeze his raft through the maze of icebergs in Nizina Lake to reach the mouth of the river!


alaska glacier ice climbing

Long time client Trond has eyes on the prize as he ice climbs out of a thundering moulin on the Root Glacier!


alaska hiking chugach mountains

The Wilkins family feels on top of the world as they explore the area around Iceberg Lake in the Chugach Mountains!


st elias alpine guides

Thanks for an incredible 2018 season from all of us here at SEAG!

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