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  • Pricing:
    • 1 participant –  $1,624 total
    • 2 participants – $1,624 total
    • 3 participants – $2,361 total
    • 4 participants – $3,828 total
    • 5 participants – $4,785 total
    • 6 participants – $6,450 total
    • 7 participants – $7,525 total
  • Trip Length: 1 Day
  • Difficulty: Minimal Experience Required, Customized based on goals & ability
  • Dates: Daily from approx June 15th to September 10th, depending on conditions
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Melissa was absolutely incredible. Skolai trip was 10 times better than Denali. Class act organization! Will definitely be back!

Erin and Tony S Hiking Fly-In Skolai Pass Hike

The Wrangell St. Elias National Park is BIG. 13.2 million acres big to be exact. What better way to experience the raw natural beauty of this magnificent park, than by taking a guided fly-in hike to the Kennicott Glacier. The morning of your flight, you and your professional mountain guide will board a bush plane for the scenic flight up the Kennicott Glacier. During the flight, you’ll have a birds-eye view of the magnificent blue pools and rugged glacial landscape below you and come eye to eye with 6,696’(2,040m) Donoho Peak and the historic Erie Mine Bunkhouse.

Your experienced bush pilot will land the plane on a tiny dirt airstrip nestled in the fosse (the area between the lateral moraine and the adjoining mountainsides) of the Kennicott Glacier. Walking among dazzling purple shooting-stars and alpine forget-me-nots, you are soon treated to a panoramic view of 16,390 ft.(4,995m) Mt. Blackburn and surrounded by hanging glaciers, immense icefalls, and craggy peaks. You and your guide can climb higher for more expansive views, or cross the lateral moraine and explore the ice of the Kennicott Glacier. You leave the “peopled” area behind on this adventure, and truly experience the stillness of this remote wilderness.

Please consider that weather may cause delays, reroutes, or unexpected overnight trips. Although extremely unlikely, there is a small chance unfavorable weather conditions may require you and your guide to stay the night in the backcountry. On all of our Fly-In Trips, your guide will come prepared with an overnight bag that includes shelter, sleeping bags/pads, and food for your group. Your guide will also have a satellite phone in order to communicate with the flight service.

We strongly encourage advanced reservations for all of our activities. If you’re planning on heading out to the Wrangells this summer, please make a reservation today! You can easily book online yourself by clicking the orange “Book This Trip” button on the left or give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you!

“A fantastic experience — wild Alaska at its best!”

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