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Our scenic floats on the braided glacial rivers of the Wrangells allow access to otherwise unattainable views and cover more miles of backcountry terrain than any of our other trips! Each trip has unique scenery and logistics, some involving bush flight support and some ending way out on the coast.


Rafting trips allow a more comfortable wilderness experience with a more casual daily schedule and more elaborate meals with fresher ingredients. Immerse yourself in the raw majesty of the Alaskan backcountry!


Private Rafting Trips

Private Trips

Private trips are great for families, groups or friends, church groups or other organizations. Create a special experience catered to your own group!


Private Rafting trips with custom dates may be available. Contact our Expedition Coordinator to start planning your trip!

River Rafting Adventure

Adventures with Ease

We know this area can be a little tricky, logistically speaking, so we’re here to help!


We can arrange transportation to and from the Wrangells, local lodging, and other local activities before and after the backcountry trip.


Upgrade your backcountry adventure to a Trip Package!

Rafting Trip Delicious Backcountry Meals

What's Included

  • Customized trip planning
  • Orientation and a Gear Shakedown
  • Your professional guides
  • Scenic bush flights in and out of the backcountry (on trips requiring air access)
  • Delicious and plentiful meals
  • Group camp gear
  • Personal rafting equipment: PFD, splash gear, dry bags

You’ll be responsible for your own personal camping gear and outdoor apparel, logistics surrounding the trip, and food in the front country, before and after the trip.

 rafting icon Wilderness Rafting Trips

Chitina River
The perfect Wrangells rafting trip for all abilities


Duration: 3 days

Price: starting at $950

Western Copper
Easy road-accessed trip for first-time Alaskan rafters


Duration: 4 days

Price: starting at $1,090

Nizina River
Fly, raft and hike the heart of the Wrangells!


Duration: 5 days

Price: starting at $2,420

Copper River
Classic Alaskan float from the interior to the coast


Duration: 8 days

Price: starting at $2,610

Source to Sea
The Grand-daddy of all Alaska Rafting Trips!


Duration: 15 days

Price: $5,100-9,500


All the pictures and descriptions sound amazing! How do I know what’s right for me? Here are some things to think about when selecting a trip:

What is my #1 goal for this adventure? Do I want to relax and get away from a hectic schedule? Do I want to push myself on an epic and athletically challenging journey? Create life-long memories with my family or partner? Learn skills from the experts and grow my scope as a mountain athlete? See new landscapes and experience Alaska’s unique glaciated terrain?
What are my interests? Birding, animals, photography, geology, wildflowers, journaling, athleticism, spirituality, art, technical climbing, etc.
Will this trip be part of a bigger Alaska trip? Where else am I going and what else will I see? Our glaciated terrain, history, high-altitude peaks, and vast backcountry wilderness are what set us apart from other areas in Alaska.
What am I comfortable with at my current level of knowledge, experience, and physical and mental ability? Alaska is bigger and tougher than anything in the lower 48 and it’s a great place to push yourself, but you want to be realistic and make sure you have a good foundation to build upon if reaching for higher heights.

We can accommodate most dietary restrictions and even preferences, too! Please be honest and open with your guides about what you can and cannot eat, why, and what will happen if you do. Don’t worry if it’s just a preference – there’s no need to pick out the mushrooms out of every meal when they could easily just be left out.

Because our guides prepare most meals completely from scratch it’s easy for them to add, leave out or substitute ingredients. They are attuned to the consequences of cross-contamination and prep and cook meals with great care when dealing with an allergen or an upsetting ingredient. We have never had any food-related allergic reactions or major issues arise in the field.

We ask that you are realistic about how you want to eat in the backcountry. If you follow a very strict diet at home, consider making exceptions while on the trip as your body will be extra stressed and comfort foods will seem much more appealing out there. We also want to make sure you’re getting enough calories, protein, and other nutrients. If you tell your guides you don’t eat pork, they won’t pack you any bacon, and then when breakfast rolls around and you can hear it sizzling in the pan, that delicious bacon smell is in the air, and everyone else is crunchin’ on crispy bacon strips……you’ll be eating drool for breakfast! If you tell us you eat vegan, we will pack you amazing and delicious vegan meals, so don’t count on stealing anyone’s cheese and jerky if it turns out you actually make exceptions for tasty treats! Be realistic, and communicate honestly.

If you have a highly specialized diet for health reasons and we are not able to accommodate it, we will work with you to find a alternate solution.

Most of our Multi-day Trips are offered in both a Group or Private Trip format.

Group Trips have set dates and are made up of individual travelers or smaller parties like couples who don’t know each other but are excited to adventure together! On a Group Trip, you’ll meet new people with similar interests and be able to spread the costs of the trip resulting in a lower per-person rate. We need a minimum of 3 people to run a Group Trip at the Group Rate and they max out at 8 participants for land-based trips and 12 participants for rafting trips. Learn more about Trip Minimums here.

Private Trips have custom dates and are just for your party. Private Trips are great for families, especially those with young children, close groups of friends or couples just wanting to spend time together, or those with special interests like photography or birding that they want to focus on during the trip. On a Private Trip, the entire experience is customized to your party and you don’t have to compromise to anyone else’s interests or abilities. Private Trips can be for just one, solo adventurer or get as big as 12 participants for larger groups.

For both Group and Private Trips, we work with a ratio of 1:4 for land-based trips, 1:3 for rafting trips, and 1:2-3 for mountaineering and ski trips. This helps with any pacing or interest discrepancies and provides additional support for bigger groups.

Are you a person that can’t ever sit still? A faster-paced Backpacking Trip may be more up your alley!


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