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In a mountaineering trip the journey is more important then the destination - choose the St. Elias Guides for leadership through service.

Yuri L Mountaineering

Classic big-mountain ski or climb in the St. Elias Range

silhouetted climbers on mt bona

If you’ve ever dreamt of standing on top of an Alaskan giant, here’s your chance! As the fifth-tallest peak in the US at 16,550ft (5040m), Mt Bona delivers an unbeatable experience to the budding mountaineer looking for a uniquely challenging objective. Once your ski-plane has safely dropped you off on the Klutlan Glacier, tie into your rope team as you spend the next 10 days in the true Alaskan wilderness! Enjoy the thrills of traveling across heavily glaciated terrain, through winding crevasse fields, around gigantic seracs (as big as a house!), and building winter camps to brave the Alaskan elements, all while testing your lungs at high altitude as you ascend over 8000 vertical feet! As a bonus, the non-technical aspect of Mt. Bona will cater to an array of learning opportunities from your experienced guides who are eager to share their knowledge. Some previous mountaineering experience (Mt. Rainier or equivalent) is recommended along with strong physical fitness and a sense of adventure!

Trip Highlights:

  • Experience true remote mountaineering in the ultimate Alaskan backcountry
  • Watch and learn how to navigate through glacial terrain
  • Experience the challenge of an objective over 16,000 ft!
  • Perfect first Alaskan expedition for the budding high-altitude mountaineer
  • Ample opportunities to learn and practice crevasse rescue, route-finding, whiteout navigation, and many other skills!

“A fantastic experience — wild Alaska at its best!”

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