Explore the best of Wrangell—St. Elias National Park!

Alaska glacier exploration

Historic Tour

Kennecott Mill Town Tour

Unlike any other history tour you’ve ever taken, this 2-hr walking tour through the abandoned copper mining town of Kennecott will amaze you with the legends of the tenacious frontiersman that lived and worked here at the turn of the century! Only with St. Elias Alpine Guides can you gain exclusive access to the 14-story Concentration Mill and see the old machinery that powered this incredibly successful remote mining operation!

Price: $34

Glacier Activities

Half-Day Glacier Hike
Best Glacier Hiking in Alaska!

Price: $115

Full-Day Glacier Hike
Explore the Root Glacier in depth!
Price: $155

Ice Climbing
Scale steep walls and thundering moulins inside the glacier!
Price: $170

Ice Cave Exploration
See the magic below the ice!
Starting at: $420

Raft + Paddle

Raft & Flightsee
Raft down two Alaskan rivers and fly back to McCarthy!
Price: $395

Kennicott Glacier Lake Paddle
Explore the flat water at the toe of the Kennicott Glacier!
Price: $115

Nizina Glacier Fly-In Lake Paddle
Packraft amongst massive icebergs!
Starting at: $3,234

Tebay Fly-In Lake Paddle
Explore a huge and remote alpine lake!
Starting at: $3,456

Alpine Hikes

Bonanza Mine Hiking Trip
Discover early 1900s artifacts in remote alpine terrain!
Price: $200

Jumbo Mine Hiking Trip
Hike into the high alpine for stunning views!
Price: $200

Erie Mine Hiking Trip
Scramble up to the old Erie Mine Bunkhouse
Price: $200


Cancelled for 2024.

Fly-In Hikes + Paddles

Fan Glacier Fly-In Hike 
Sandy plateaus and high alpine deep in the Chugach Mountains
Starting at: $2,940

Wrangell Plateau Fly-In  Hike
Easy tundra walking with stunning views of Mt. Wrangell
Starting at: $3,456

Nizina Glacier Fly-In Hike
Hike along the edge of the iceberg filled Nizina Lake
Starting at: $2,460

Iceberg Lake Fly-In Hike
Experience it all—hanging glaciers, sandy plateaus, a glacial lake, and more!
Starting at: $3,024

Kennicott Glacier Fly-In Hike
Travel in a small valley beside the massive Kennicott Glacier!
Starting at: $1,720

Skolai Pass Fly-In Hike
Hike over vast tundra towards hanging glaciers
Starting at: $2,734

Nizina Glacier Fly-In Paddle
Packraft amongst massive icebergs!
Starting at: $3,234

Tebay Lake Fly-In Paddle
Explore a huge and remote alpine lake!
Starting at: $3,456



Want to do it all but only have a few days in the area? We offer 2-Day and 3-Day Adventure Packages that highlight our most popular activities and offer fun for the whole family!

Price: Variable


Two-Day Adventure Package
Experience the best of Alaska!
Price: $510

Three-Day Adventure Package
Do it all in just three days!
Starting at: $550


Are you looking to extend your backcountry time and really immerse yourself in the wilderness? We offer multi-day hiking, backpacking, climbing, rafting, and mountaineering trips, and there’s always a trip for every interest and ability level!

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