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Doug and I have great memories of that trip [to Donoho] and how smoothly it went. Most of that we credit to your skill… We still can't get over how good the food was. Doug went to British Columbia in July on kayak trip and Read More >

Mark and Doug Bakcpacking Donoho Wilderness

Towering Peaks and Flowing Rivers of Ice

If a rugged Alaska backpacking trip, full of impressive mountain scenery, glacier travel, and only moderate elevation gain sounds like your kind of adventure, this is the trip for you! Starting out and ending up at the Iceberg Lake airstrip, this loop circles around a prominent collection of mountains, and ends back at the start point. With the same start and end points and a “layover day,” tired legs or interesting side-hikes can easily be accommodated, as the itinerary is easily modifiable.

Combining glacier travel with the rugged beauty of the Chugach Mountains, this trip offers incredible glacier scenery even from the airstrip. As you traverse the glacier, the mountain views get even more stunning and impressive with every stride. Camping on the glacier provides an unforgettable experience, staring up at the Gothic peaks of the Chugach. The latter half of the trip involves more glacier travel, as well as tundra greenery and a rocky glacial moraine landscape. Side hike opportunities to explore glaciers, neighboring peaks, or high alpine lakes cap off this amazing trip! For a taste of true Alaska backcountry backpacking, the Chugach Mountain Circuit can’t be beat!


  • Dramatic glacier and mountain views
  • Rugged Alaska trek with minimal elevation gain
  • Flexible route with lots of side hike options
  • Experienced and professional guides


Women’s Specific Advanced Backpacking Camp with SheJumps!

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with SheJumps, a national organization that works to bring women to outdoor activities, to bring you a Women’s Specific Advanced Backpacking Camp! This trip is an all-inclusive package that includes transportation to and from McCarthy, lodging in McCarthy, a Historical Tour of Kennecott and the 6-day version of this amazing backcountry route! Great for solo travelers, couples or small groups! This trip will be lead by two experienced female guides and will be a great opportunity to meet women from all over the States with similar interests and learn together! Click here to learn more about this incredible adventure opportunity!

If you don’t have previous backpacking experience, check out our Women’s Beginner Backpacking Camp!

“A fantastic experience — wild Alaska at its best!”

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