Blackburn Team Staged at Advanced Basecamp

Our team of 5 attempting to summit Mt. Blackburn are staged and ready to head for the summit, but poor weather is expected for the next few days so they will likely hold firm until it clears early next week.

After a 3-day delay at the start of their trip, which was spent practicing crevasse rescue skills, ice climbing on the Root Glacier, and playing cards (see below), they made it out yesterday on a gorgeous clear morning (second photo) and spent the day taking a cache to 9,800 ft. Yesterday afternoon some friends of ours on a flightsee spotted them from above winding their way between crevasses (third picture)! Today they moved the remaining gear up and established a comfortable “advanced basecamp“, where they will likely spend the next few days waiting for the incoming storm to clear.

blackburn cards

blackburn clear

blackburn aerial

We got a dispatch from lead guide Scott this evening – take a listen below:

Blackburn Expedition Dispatch June 1, 2017

Wish them luck for their summit bid whenever the weather allows! We will keep you updated here and on Facebook and Instagram…

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