Spotlight on Adventure – The Wrangells in August

It’s not all sunshine during the summer here in Alaska, and if you don’t believe us, just plan your visit for August! As August came to a close here, we found ourselves looking back fondly.

In August, the midnight sun finally starts to set, and with it comes dark nights and rainy days. Gearing up for August, you’ll notice our guides pulling out their best rain gear and checking the batteries in their headlamps. While the rain here might not be heavy (it’s really more of a Seattle Drizzle), it can last a long time – in fact, it rained 28 days in August 2018! Sounds like a great time to settle into a cozy cabin and start a fire, huh? Not to us! 

We love the unexpected challenges that August brings and believe they make us stronger hikers and more adaptable people. They teach us how to improvise and test our grit! We don’t go into the Wrangells backcountry for easy trips, we go out for trips of a lifetime!

If you want an easy and sunny trip, consider a warm hike in California or Utah. If you’re ready for an adventure you’ll never forget with raw and wild nature, join us for an August trip in the most epic Alaskan wilderness!

Here are some of our Photo Highlights from August trips over the years:

Alaska Rainbow

Setting up camp in the rain, thinking you’ll never be dry again, only to look up and see a rainbow cascading in a full arch to touch the valley floor!


Alaska Valley

Watching the cloud ceiling lift after days of not being able to see the mountains that surround you and seeing fresh snow that’s fallen on the usually snowless mountains!


Northern Lights over Glacier

Finally convincing yourself to unzip your warm sleeping bag and step out of your tent to relieve yourself and being greeted by the northern lights lighting up the sky!


Hiking Over a Snowy High Pass

Hiking over a high pass in the rain and noticing the rain shift to snow as you climb higher, suddenly your surroundings have turned into a beautiful winter wonderland!


Sunset at the Fan Glacier

Going on a stroll after a warm backcountry meal (Thanksgiving Dinner, anyone?) and watching the sunset over a surreal Alaskan landscape!


Hikers Around a Warm Fire

And one of our all-time favorites – learning how strong and capable you are and that you can endure and succeed through almost everything. That feeling keeps us coming back and we hope it keeps you coming back too!


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