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  • Price: $845
  • Trip Length: 1 Day
  • Difficulty: Minimal Experience Required, Customized based on goals & ability
  • Dates: Daily from approx. June 25th to September 8th, conditions-depending 
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Melissa was absolutely incredible. Skolai trip was 10 times better than Denali. Class act organization! Will definitely be back!

Erin and Tony S Hiking Fly-In Skolai Pass Hike

A great way to experience the vast-ness of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, fly-in hiking combines the best of both worlds: spectacular bush plane flights, and hiking in a breathtakingly beautiful remote environment. Flying into Wrangell Plateau should be on any adventurer’s list, and is a great way to see the grandeur of the Wrangell Mountains in one fun-filled day. In the morning, you’ll meet your guide, head to the McCarthy airstrip, and hop into a tiny bush plane. Keep your camera ready for the spectacular scenery that awaits you.

Once you’ve landed at the Wrangell Plateau airstrip, you’ve got the whole day to explore! The possibilities are endless. Hiking is easy on the soft tundra, and the views of Mt. Wrangell are plenty! An active volcano just shy of 14,000 feet, it’s a spectacular glaciated backdrop to any adventure! There are alpine lakes to explore, as well as beautiful clear streams. Often there are opportunities to see caribou, sheep, and bears. Don’t forget to pack a lunch, as you and your guide and find the perfect spot to take a break, eat, and enjoy the scenery. As you hike the soft tundra, you’ll look down on expansive glaciers, flowing down from Mt. Wrangell. Whichever direction you head, the beauty of Wrangell Plateau is sure to be a highlight of your Alaskan vacation.

Price: $845

*Lunch is not included in trip prices, but you’re welcome to purchase a Snack Lunch for $12.


“A fantastic experience — wild Alaska at its best!”

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