Spotlight on Adventure – Group Multi-Day Trips!

What are Group Trips? Group Trips are groups of 3 or more participants and are usually made up of individual travelers or smaller parties like couples who don’t know each other but are excited to adventure together! On a Group Trip, you’ll meet new people with similar interests and as an added bonus – you’ll be able to spread the cost of the trip resulting in a lower per person rate. We offer Group Rafting, Backpacking, mini-Backpacking, Basecamp-Hiking, and Mountaineering Trips.

Group Multi-Day Trip AlaskaWhen our Group participants meet each other for the first time at our Historic Motherlode Powerhouse, it’s not uncommon to see them sizing each other up, curious about who they’ll be sharing a tent with for the next week in the backcountry. Our guides take the lead during the Orientation (or “gear explosion”), having everyone literally “explode” their bags and take everything out to assess what they’ve packed and make sure they are set up for success on the trip (which starts the next day). Even avid hikers and experienced backpackers don’t always know exactly how to pack for the Alaskan backcountry and that’s OK – we’re here to help! There’s a sense of anticipation in the air, knowing that tomorrow they are committing to a week of wilderness with each other and whatever fits in their backpacks.

Once the trip gets going nerves are replaced by the “we’re in this together” feeling. By day 4 or 5, the group will have bushwhacked through snappy willows, heard every dad joke under the sun, seen the most majestic mountain views of their lives, traversed steep slopes that got everyone’s knees shaking, been startled by a ptarmigan family, forged through a creek, and maybe even seen a huge grizzly bear (hopefully) way down in the valley below! Everyone in the group will have encountered unique challenges and they’ll have gotten through them as a supportive unit.

In the backcountry, people’s true colors come out and the relationships you form are as authentic as the adventure you’re having together! There’s magic that happens when people go through a challenging experience or bear witness to incredible natural wonders together.

We often see a group that just got back from the backcountry go out together for a final hurrah at the local eatery. Sunglass and watch tans make them stand out and they can hardly recognize each other now that they’re all freshly showered and made up – “oh yeah, that’s what we all look like in the real world!” Inside jokes spill one after another in a rhythm that’s become familiar over the last few days together. 

They’ll likely exchange contact info with one another before heading out of town and going their own separate ways. It’s a bittersweet feeling of an incredible journey coming to an end accompanied by overwhelming pride of doing the hardest and most rewarding trip of their lives together.

Looking to make this experience your own? You can! Contact us to find out more about our current Group Trips.

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