Guide Spotlight – Eli Huftalin

“What is the last thing to go through a bug’s mind before it hits the windshield?”




“Its butt!”




If you thought that joke was good, just wait until you meet Eli! Take some time to float down one of Alaska’s great rivers with Eli as your Capitan and you’re bound to learn some new jokes and have your mind boggled with some riddles. Personable and easy going, your conversation will likely evolve into some deep reflection that gives you a whole new outlook on the terrain you’re floating past.

Looking to push yourself physically and leave the jokes behind? We can’t promise that the jokes will be left behind…but we can promise that Eli’s rope skills will give you the chance to climb on some diverse Alaskan terrain. From the deep moulins (a hole that burrows into the ice) out on the Root Glacier to big mountain climbing – like Mt. Bear, Regal, or even our beloved “Snow Cone” Peak – you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime and push yourself beyond what you thought possible!

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