Guide Spotlight – Gus Batchelder

hiking guide in alaskaA Montana boy through and through, Gus joined our team in 2019 as an intern, working hard in the background by helping the guides pack and unpack for trips, repairing gear, and doing anything else needed to be done. He quickly proved himself to be a hard worker with a quick wit – working on a project with Gus was always a good time! In 2020, Gus began guiding full-time, leading Glacier Hikes, Kennecott Kayaking, and Kennecott Tours, and charming the socks off everyone he met.

Originally from Seeley Lake, Montana, Gus developed a passion for the outdoors at an early age, exploring the mountains of Montana with his family. While in college, he signed up for a NOLS course in Patagonia, which he funded by owning and operating a drive-thru coffee stand in his hometown of Seeley Lake. NOLS (The National Outdoor Leadership School) trains young adults in outdoor leadership skills – skills that are extremely applicable to guiding! While in Patagonia, Gus gained valuable experience sea kayaking and mountaineering, and learned the basics of wilderness medicine.

When Gus is not working, he spends his winters in the Rocky Mountains, working at ski resorts and skiing as much as he possibly can. But we’re sure happy he keeps coming back to the Wrangells in the summer. So the next time you’re in McCarthy, stop by and say hi to Gus!

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