The Great Beards of SEAG

The other day while I was sipping my coffee and updating the guide bio photos on our website, I couldn’t help but notice the impressive collection of mountain-man beards on staff. Thinking back, most of these guides started their careers with us as clean-shaven respectable young lads. However, the years working outside in the Wrangells have encouraged the use of the ultimate bug n’ sun facial protection. So here it is – some of our most notable Great Beards of SEAG.


The granddaddy of ‘em all, Scott’s beard is the most well-known beard of SEAG. Extremely identifiable, Scott’s beard is the longest (and longest-running) beard of SEAG. Bright red, and developing a few hints of grey, this beard has protected Scott’s face through epic winter traverses through miles of Alaska backcountry trips, and all the way up to the summit of Mt. St. Elias


Undeniably the best-groomed beard on staff, Merritt’s beard has the most character of all SEAG facial hair. Looking like it should accompany a pipe and smoking jacket, this beard successfully captures Merritt’s intellect, and can often be found peeking out from behind a classic novel. But it’s backcountry performance is top rate, and the entire SEAG staff is curious how Merritt keeps it tamed while guiding both backpacking and rafting trips.


Originally a surfer from California, Harrison came to SEAG in 2018 with bare, sun-tanned cheeks. By August however, you could just see his wide smile peeking out from a mass of reddish-blonde hair. And those cheeks have yet to see the sun again. Ski patrolling in the winter and guiding all summer, Harrison needs the year-round protection that his beard provides.


Hailing from Portland and a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Cody knows the benefits of a good beard. While his beard doesn’t hold a flame to Scott, Merritt, or Harrison’s, it does technically count and serves its purpose keeping his face warm during icy expeditions in Alaska’s backcountry. It also enhances his image as an aspiring arborist, just ask him which notch cut he prefers – oh wait, he’s probably already rambling on about it!


Although not always seen sporting a beard, Bryan’s love of experimenting with facial hair can’t go ignored. Goatees, handlebar, and horseshoe mustaches (not unlike famed wrestler Hulk Hogan) have all made an appearance in McCarthy thanks to Bryan. His experiments just go to show that you don’t need a massive beard to make a mark as a Great Beard of SEAG.

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