Warm Holiday Wishes from your Guides

As the holidays come upon us, the guides of St. Elias Alpine Guides and Copper Oar wanted to extend their warm holiday wishes. We could wish you the standard “warm moments and cherished memories,” but we’ve decided on a little modification – enjoy!
May your rivers be long and scenic, may your trails be varied and full of wildlife. May your creek crossings be chilly and refreshing, and your sleeping bags warm at night. May your campfires be surrounded by friendly smiles and your legs tired at the end of the day. May your oatmeal be forever un-burned.
May your tent be dry, and your rafts be wet. May the discomforts you feel in the outdoors make you appreciate the comforts of home. May your adventures be plentiful and lead to incredible stories. And most importantly, may you share your love of exploration with the ones you love.
Happy Holidays from the guides of SEAG and Copper Oar!
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