Staff Spotlight – 2018 Interns!

guiding internshipEach year, we hire 3-5 interns to work for us during the summer season. They tend to have less life experience than the folks we hire as guides, so the internship is focused on learning and developing guiding experience. Often, our interns are invited back in future years as guides! Aside from assistant guiding, interns are also responsible for some of the less-glamorous aspects of running a guide service in bush Alaska. This includes (but is not limited to) packing/unpacking multi-day trips, office work, keeping crampons and gear organized and in-shape, and laundry/cleaning. This year, we had an exceptionally strong crew, so we’d like to spotlight Elle, Eli, Tristan, and Sarah!

A NOLS graduate from New England, Elle proved herself to be sharp and hardworking, and enjoys assisting with ice climbs on the Root Glacier! She’s currently attending the University of Washington and studying Engineering!

Eli was our California recruit, and like Elle, was also a NOLS graduate. Known as “Cush Daddy” by the guides, he’s hardworking and always good for a laugh. He recently graduated from UCSB, and is hoping to work in wilderness therapy for the winter!

Tristan hails from New England where he competed in ski racing at a very high level in high school. Now, he attends St. Lawrence University and has focused his sheer athleticism towards the outdoors, and can always be found out exploring the terrain around McCarthy. He’s currently spending his winter in Kenya for school – talk about a different experience from McCarthy!

Lastly (but certainly not least), Sarah “Boats” is an Idaho gal attending school at University of Vermont. Interested and experienced in all things outdoors, she took a special liking to rafting, and helped out Copper Oar with our rafting program – including a very foggy descent of the Copper River in August!

Way to go 2018 interns and thanks for a great season!

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