Exciting News from the Wrangells Today!

management teamHello to our friends worldwide!
Exciting news from the Wrangells today. We (Wayne & Gaia Marrs) have sold St. Elias Alpine Guides (and Copper Oar!) to three long-time friends/employees, Bryan KerrAnya Voskresenskyand Cody Simmons. We will be introducing them in more detail in a future email so stay tuned!

We will be in McCarthy working alongside the new owners for a full year, so we expect the transition to be extremely smooth for everyone. Long-time managers Sarah (operations) and Kristin (office) are on board and excited about the future, ensuring an easy transition.
We are thrilled to sell to people that we know well, really like, and truly believe will continue to improve on the companies we’ve poured so much of ourselves into. The future is very bright.
Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you have any questions. We all hope to see you in the Wrangells soon.
Here’s to a great run, bold dreams and new heights!
-Wayne & Gaia Marrs
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