Guide Spotlight – The Interns of 2020!

backpackers on snow bridge

When you join us for a trip in the Wrangells, a lot of behind-the-scenes work is done to ensure you experience the trip of a lifetime. Oftentimes, some of the most critical work gets underappreciated – whether it’s doing the company laundry, packing and unpacking for trips, or providing an important van shuttle up to Kennecott. These tasks (and many more) all fall under the responsibilities of our interns – a hardworking, energetic group always ready to help, learn, and grow.

This year, we’re happy to spotlight our hardworking interns of 2020 – Anneke, Jeremiah, and Katie! Complete with positive attitudes, strong work ethics, and great senses of humor, they were important members of our 2020 team! Here’s a little more info about these rock stars:

Originally from New Jersey, Anneke is currently attending school at Western Colorado University and majoring in Outdoor Recreation Education and Environmental Science. Around the Powerhouse, she’s known for having the best dance moves of anyone at SEAG (by a long shot) and received the First-Place prize in the 2020 Intern Vole-Trapping Competition. Go Anneke!

Jeremiah joined us from Montana, with a background of traveling the world and working on ranches and farms. His strength and work ethic did not disappoint (nor did his love of tinkering on our old vehicles)! He developed quite a passion for Alaska this summer and is headed up to Fairbanks for the winter to work with dog mushers! Stay warm up there Jeremiah!

And that brings us to Katie, a Pacific Northwest gal who’s attending school at Colorado State University and working with their Outdoor Program. Besides being known for her great playlists, Katie is an amazing photographer, and utilized those skills during a wedding we hosted on the Alaska Root Glacier! Thanks for the great photos, Katie!

So, the next time you’re out in McCarthy, track down our interns and tell them “thanks!”

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