Guide Spotlight – Mike Hampton

Mike joined us in 2019, and found the Wrangells to be such an amazing place, they’re “worth coming back to twice!” For Mike, that’s quite an accomplishment, because we describe him as a “forever nomad.” He’s always looking toward exploring the next place and finding the next new experience. We sure are glad he found a connection with Wrangell-St. Elias! Mike is an Indiana native (and has that good midwestern work ethic that comes along with it), and has spent recent years traveling the world with his backpack (eventually bringing him to the Wrangells)!

With a passion for learning, Mike is always volunteering to help out with anything that needs done around the Powerhouse, whether that be with vehicles, small engines, or equipment. He picks things up very quickly, and therefore has made himself extremely useful to have around! If you’re lucky enough to explore the Root Glacier or the Kennecott Mill Town with Mike, you’re in for a real treat – despite being one of our newer guides, his passion for learning about the area has enabled him to become extremely knowledgeable very quickly, whether he’s on the glacier, paddling around the lake, or exploring the Kennecott Mill Town! He loves sharing this area with travelers who (like him) have a passion for exploration and learning new things!

In the winters, Mike can be found working in Colorado, teaching snowboarding and exploring the backcountry on his splitboard. In the summers, when he’s not working, he can be found tinkering away at projects around the Powerhouse, enjoying some personal meditative and yoga time, or in our guide library studying up on Wrangell-St. Elias and Kennecott history. He’s also known for giving the best hugs out of anyone on SEAG’s staff – a title not to be taken lightly. So if you’re interested in learning about mountains, glaciers, wildlife, and history, come on out to the Wrangells and explore with Mike!

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