Guide Spotlight – David Wyllie

Guide Pointing out Route

From the Wasatch Mountains of Utah to the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska, David has always enjoyed walking over uneven ground and exploring snowy terrain – luckily he’s found a lot of that here in Wrangell St. Elias National Park & Preserve!

David takes opportunities to see new places and explore new environments whenever he can. He even took a break from his usual winter of snowboarding, to live in Hawaii and Spain! While the snowy mountains will always hold a special place in his heart, he’s been feeling the pull to explore more water-based activities. David has guided our Kayaking Trips for a few years now, but now as a Swiftwater Certified Rescuer, he’ll be joining our whitewater Alaska rafting crew! 

A cheery optimist armed with lots of dad jokes, David’s skills extend beyond the outdoors. Do you have a misbehaving pup? David can help you with that! Interested in learning to play the Didgeridoo? Yup, David can help you with that too! 

We’re lucky to have David as part of our SECO Crew and even more excited to welcome him as the newest member of our management team! So next time you’re in McCarthy-Kennecott, come say hi to David and give him a big round of applause and a loud “CONGRATULATIONS!”.

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