A Thank You Note from your Guides

Dear explorers and adventure travelers,
We wanted to thank you for letting us work in the most amazing wilderness in the world.

Thank you for being by our side as we explore the dynamic environment of Wrangell-St. Elias.

Thank you for spending the time and money to step out of your comfort zone, overcome challenges, and trust in us to get you back to McCarthy at the end of the trip.

alaska glacier stokeWe realize that you could spend your vacation time on a cruise or relaxing at a beach resort instead of hiking through Alaska in the rain and sleeping on the ground. We know you’re leaving your friends and loved ones behind as you venture into the great unknown, seeking adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. We understand that there are moments of doubt and discomfort, but those are quickly overcome by moments of wonder and awe.

So during this time of thanks, we’d like to say thank you. Without you, we’d have no one to explore this amazing wilderness with, and what’s an adventure without someone who shares in the experience?

Thank you,

The Guides at SEAG

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