New Trip Offering – Ice Worm Safari!

glacier ice worms and vehicleWe’re excited to announce our latest trip offering! We’ve been working hard over the last few years to develop a trip highlighting our Glacier Ice Worms. Although not widely known, these creatures demonstrate a tenacity unlike no other – living on and in one of the most hostile environments Alaska has to offer – glacier ice.

Due to their immense size and power, we’ve always given these creatures a wide berth, but we’ve now figured out a way to safely navigate their habitat using safari-style mobiles, which keep the passengers a safe distance away from the worms below.

A fully-grown ice worm can reach lengths up to 90 feet (27m), and 20 feet (6m) thick, and can weigh in at 10-20 tons. They have a large, powerful beak on their face, which is used to cut through the ice as they navigate the glacier. They also have three powerful snake-like prehensile tentacles with a reach of 16 feet – therefore our glacier safari vehicles are designed to keep our guests out of reach. Ice worms feed on the glacier mice (who slowly roam the glacier’s surface), as well as any other creatures (moose, bears, birds) they encounter.

glacier ice worm safari

The day-long tour will begin at our office, where we’ll load up into the safari-mobile, and head out to the ice worm habitat. We’ll spend the day trolling around the glacier looking for the worms to resurface (they are drawn to the heat of the sun on the glacier’s surface during the day). Be sure to bring your binoculars, as we sometimes view the ice worms from afar.

We’ll return to the office at the end of the day in time for you to wash up, eat a delicious dinner, and share your photos of these seldom-known creatures with your fellow travelers!

Contact us for availability and pricing!

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