Guide Spotlight – Anya Voskresensky

Born in Russia, but raised in the flatlands of Minnesota, Anya discovered the wonders of the outdoors by canoeing and hiking from an early age. She moved to the mountains of Northwest Montana in her 20’s and hasn’t looked back. We’ve been happy to have Anya up in McCarthy for the last few years, not only for her great guiding skills, rapport with clients, and positive attitude, but because she cooks some of the most amazing food the Powerhouse has ever seen! In-between rock climbing, backpacking, ice climbing and backcountry skiing, she still finds the time to create delicious dishes to share with the SEAG crew.

Oh, and did we mention she’s an artist too? Drawn to the beauty of the mountains and the wilderness around her, she enjoys painting, drawing, and is also a mosaic artist! Keep your eyes peeled for some of her artwork around town. When she’s not cooking and creating art, Anya is very driven in the climbing world. She has climbed extensively throughout the western U.S., and is always thirsty to explore new areas and terrain to conquer. Although we’re unable to pronounce her last name, we’re excited to have Anya on staff, and look forward to many more years of adventures! Click here to meet more of the SEAG crew!

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