Glacier and Tundra Backpacking!

alaska glacier hiking

We’d like to take a minute to share some excitement about our Glacier and Tundra backpacking trip. Combining a bush plane flight, travel over glaciers and tundra (hence the name), and stunning views of the Kennicott Valley, this trip epitomizes Alaska backpacking. The route is extremely flexible, so you and your guide can discuss your goals for the trip, and choose a route to maximize your experience. Want lots of glacier travel? No problem. Like to bag a peak? Can do!

Another great aspect of this trip is that it only requires one bush plane flight – you can hike right back into town! The beauty of spending the last night on a “peninsula” of land surrounded by glaciers, as you look across the valley to the lights of the Kennecott “ghost town,” is a great way to cap off your trip. Check out the itinerary here, and contact us for more details!

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