Curried Alaskan “SPAM-on” Salad

When it’s time for your lunch break, it’s nice to treat yourself to a “fresh” lunch when you can. Whether you’re just headed out for the day, or it’s the first day of your multi-day adventure, treat yourself with some Curried Alaska “SPAM-on” Salad ! (not salmon, SPAM-on – get it?) Despite Spam’s mediocre reputation, we here at SEAG swear by it. So to all you doubters out there, don’t knock it until you try it…

Whip some up at home before you head out, and prepare to be amazed!

hiker with can of spamIngredients:

  • 1 can SPAM per 2-3 people
  • Fresh apple
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard (Ballpark or Dijon)
  • Curry powder (Yellow or Indian)
  • Garlic powder
  • Black pepper
  • Fresh red onion
  • Your heart’s desires
  • Bread, tortillas, corn tortrillas, bagels, lettuce/cabbage wraps, crackers etc. to serve w/ salad
  • Chopped veggies, dried fruit and nuts, trail mixes, cheeses, beef jerky, and snacks to enjoy on the side and complete the meal


With a meat salad like this, there is a lot of opinion and personality thrown in. Some people like it to be light on mayo and chunky, some like it to be heavy on mayo and mixed till it’s a smooth meaty paste. A tart granny smith apple goes very well with curry powder and spam. You could also add dried fruit if you want. There will likely be a lot of tasting and adding as you go, so get creative and make it your own!

For our vegetarians – replace the Spam with a 2/3 brick of tofu and fold it in after everything else is well mixed. Add salt to taste before adding tofu.

Bon appetit!

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