Guide Spotlight – Tim Sellman

hiker above glacierOriginally from the Midwest, Tim joined the SEAG team in 2019 and quickly excelled. Guiding glacier hiking, ice climbing, and backpacking trips, Tim is known for his unbridled passion for Wrangell-St. Elias and for helping his clients push themselves outside their comfort zone in the outdoors. Prior to joining SEAG, Tim worked at an environmental education center, guiding hikes and sharing his knowledge of the flora and fauna of Southern Illinois. Since then, he’s studied up on the Alaska plants and wildflowers, and he’ll be able to answer any questions you have! When he’s not up in Alaska, he spends his winters down in Colorado working at a ski resort.

In his first year of guiding, Tim caught our attention with the collection of unique comment cards we received from his clients. (We hand out comment cards after all our trips to get feedback from our clients and make improvements to our trips). Tim consistently gets raving reviews (as do many of our guides), but Tim’s comment cards always seem to have a little something extra. It’s tough to put a finger on, but there’s just something about Tim… Here’s what his clients have to say:

 “Thanks for hauling us up and down all day. You rock, Tim.”

“Tim was great even when he ate nothing but cookies!! He gave me confidence to complete the climbs. Great guy!”

“We think your jokes were funny! Well presented, personable. Cute butt!”

“Extremely lit.”

“I thought it was all very cool. Tim is a savage.”

So, there you have it – that’s Tim. Next time you’re out in McCarthy, request him for your tour and prepare to be amazed!

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