Guide Spotlight – Anna Hertel

girl with mountains and glaciersIf you walk into our office and are greeted by a chipper voice and a large smile, you must be talking to Anna, our ray of sunshine from the Sunshine State. Although her homeland is about as far away geographically as you can get in the U.S., (with polar opposite terrain from Alaska’s rugged, snow-covered peaks), this Floridian has felt quite at home in the wilds of Alaska ever since she arrived. A climber through-and-through, she spends her winters back in sunny Florida, working at her local rock gym and teaching middle and high school kids how to climb. But we sure are glad she returns to the Wrangells every summer to work the office, and guide glacier and backpacking trips!

If you’re lucky enough to spend the day with Anna, be prepared for a fun-packed, information-filled day as she shares her intense passion and knowledge of the area she’s been busy exploring over the last few years. She may entertain you with her stories of surfing (a sport she’s been doing since she was little), or maybe even a tale from her days spent climbing Mt. Rainier. Whatever it is, you’ll be sure to have a fantastic day out on the ice with Anna!

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