• Anna Guide

    Anna comes to us from the beautiful Sunshine State, which probably explains her bubbly and always sunny disposition. She knows no stranger and greets everyone with a smile.

  • Anya Owner/Lead Guide

    Anya is addicted to the challenging experiences of both body and mind during climbing rock and ice, and loves to help others excel in both…

  • Benny Guide

    Most of all, he cares deeply and personally about your trip, your life and your experience…

  • Bob Founder

    Bob has been exploring the Wrangell-St. Elias since 1977- Bob has guided over 50 first ascents including Needle Mountain, Mt. Sulzer, Brochure Peak, and Mt. Stellar…

  • Brendon Guide

    Brendon likes to dabble in all of the outdoor activities, however, you will find him most happy, dropped off by plane in the middle of the Wrangells with his backpack and a map. 

  • Bryan Owner/Lead Guide

    His passion for traditional, big wall, alpine, and ice climbing has taken him all over the Rockies, Sierras, Cascades, and now Wrangell-St Elias mountain ranges…

  • Bryce Guide

    If you’re lucky enough to join him when he is guiding, you can see him pretending he’s a geologist, flashing a smile, and generally having a good time.

  • Chad Guide

    Chad started his guiding career as a day guide with St. Elias Alpine Guides, and we are honored that he still comes back to visit, train our new guides, and do some big-mountain guiding for his old alma mater!

  • Chris D. Lead Guide

    Chris is a big kid at heart, and you’ll find his energy infectious as you set out on your adventure together…

  • Cody Owner/Lead Guide

    After his first summer in Alaska, he realized that Wrangell-St. Elias is the coolest place in the world…

  • Danny Guide

    Danny took a two-week guided glacier seminar on the Root and Kennicott Glaciers near McCarthy with Bob Jacobs, and fell in love with Alaska and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park…

  • Dave Guide

    Dave is an Everest veteran with worldwide guiding experience, including five seasons down in New Zealand and over 1,700 days of guiding…

  • Duff Guide

    A deceivingly friendly outdoorsman extraordinaire, Tim Duffy Dufectious spreads grand smiles, rich info and a profound passion for exploring the world…

  • Duke Official Mascot

    The Duke of the Abruzzi is neither brave nor noble, but he plays a mean game of “chase me”…

  • Ethan Guide

    Ethan has a passion for learning and an amazing memory, traits that have earned him the nickname “the encyclopedia”…

  • Gaia Former Owner

    Gaia has been leading river trips in the Wrangells since 1999, and was a participant in these adventures for many years before that…

  • Gus Guide

    The most “charming” of our guides, Gus shares his love of the Wrangells with a smile…

  • Harrison Guide

    Whether it’s on the rivers, glacier, or in the backcountry, keep an eye out for Harrison and his signature smile lighting up the Wrangells!

  • Jason C. Guide

    Jason might seem somewhat serious when you first meet him, but be prepared, soon he will start doing glacial pirouettes in his monkey hat…

  • Jonas Guide

    Jonas has lived all over, but the Kennicott-McCarthy valley remains one of his happiest places to be.

  • Jonny Guide

    With his angelic singing voice and uncanny knack for fixing things, Jonny truly is a “jack of all trades” when it comes to remote Alaska living and guiding…

  • Katrina Guide

    Whether she’s guiding a glacier hike, or getting you comfortably settled into the Shushanna Guesthouse, her caring kindness is sure to make you feel right at home!

  • Kelly Lead Guide

    Kelly hails from Buffalo, New York (go Bills!), and brings his passion for history, the wilderness, and how things work to Kennecott and Wrangell-St. Elias…

  • Kelly H. Guide

    A lover of all things outdoors and human-powered, Kelly guides glacier hikes and ice climbing with a deep-rooted passion for big mountain landscapes.

  • Kristin L. Guide

    Kristin will greet you with a smile and help you pick the right adventure for you!

  • Kyle Guide

    Born and raised in Minnesota, Kyle is the epitome of “Minnesota Nice!” – you betcha!

  • Leslie Guide

    Full of bubbling natural energy, Leslie’s varied background as an all-around wilderness gal made her a perfect fit for the St. Elias team!

  • Max Guide

    With all his experience, Max is able to introduce you to the best of Wrangell-St. Elias while keeping you safe and always entertained…

  • Merritt Guide

    Merritt is a nomad who has seen many, many parts of North America, both the flat, and the pointy. He prefers the pointy.

  • Mike Guide

    This curiosity-driven prairie boy broke out of the Midwest to spread his smile all over the world. His infectious enthusiasm will get you stoked for anything!

  • Paige Guide

    Organized and efficient, Paige gives 110% to her work with a smile whether she’s out on the ice or in the office…

  • Rachel Guide

    Easy-going, engaging and personable, Rachel is excited to welcome you to the Wrangells!

  • Robin Guide

    Robin is sure to charm you with his fun and easy-going personality…

  • Ryan Lead Guide

    With his big smile and unlimited enthusiasm, Ryan is sure to turn your Alaska trip into the trip of a lifetime!

  • Sam Office Manager/Guide

    Don’t let her low-key vibes and personable nature fool you – if given the chance, she’ll show you just what southern sass really is…

  • Sarah Ops Manager/Lead Guide

    A big smile rarely leaves the beaming face of Operations Manager/Guide Sarah…

  • Sarah M. Guide

    Originally from Long Island, she’ll greet you in our ‘oawffice’ with a smile or make you a mean cup of “cawfee” while out on a trip!

  • Scott Lead Guide

    Scott’s rugged toughness is definitely represented in his amazing beard (we dare you to compete for awesome facial hair!).

  • Tica Guide

    A lover of wild places, Tica’s passion for exploration is only surpassed by her love of sharing it with visitors! 

  • Tim Guide

    With his endless love of exploring the world around him, you’re sure to learn a thing or two (and have a great time doing it) when you join Tim on a trip!

  • Tristan Guide

    Sharp and strong, Tristan loves spending his days out on the glacier “melting faces” and sharing his passion for Kennecott’s history!

  • Wayne Former Owner

    His passion for the outdoors is only matched by his desire to share that experience with others. Wayne has been climbing and trekking throughout the world…

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