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Trip Length: 2 Days
Difficulty: Minimal experience required

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Two-Days of exploring Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Day 1 – Your Alaska adventure begins at our office in the historic copper mining town of Kennecott, Alaska.  Here you’ll meet your professional mountain guide who will make sure that you’re properly equipped for a 4-6 hour hike to explore the Root Glacier.  While glacier hiking you’ll see rushing streams carved into the ice, roaring moulins, and serene blue pools.  Be sure to bring your camera because magnificent views of 16,390 ft. (4,995m) Mt. Blackburn and the 5000 ft. (1,524m) high Stairway Icefall are around every corner.

After lunch, you and your guide return to our office in Kennecott where there’s time for a break before your adventures continue.  Once you’re rested, your guide switches hats and becomes your own personal history tour leader as you explore the fascinating mining town of Kennecott.  Kennecott boomed in the early 1900’s as the Kennecott Copper Corporation extracted some of the richest copper ore ever found from the rugged mountains surrounding town.  On your tour, you’ll learn about the perseverance and ingenuity of the people who lived and worked here as well as the systems and processes that the town was famous for.  To top it off, you’ll be able to explore INSIDE historic buildings such as the 14-story concentration mill as our guide service holds an exclusive concession with the National Park Service to do so.

Day 2 – Your Alaska adventure today starts at our headquarters in the historic Motherlode Powerhouse in McCarthy, Alaska.  Here you will meet your professional river guide who will make sure you’re properly equipped for a day of fun on the river.  From our put-in on the Kennicott River the current is splashy and fast and you are treated to spectacular views of the 5,000 ft. (1,524m) tall Stairway Icefall. After a, hearty lunch (prepared by your guide), the river flows into the mighty Nizina Canyon.  Here it is squeezed tightly between limestone cliffs that cause it to surge around the corners in an impressive show of power. At the end of the canyon there is time for a short hike near the banks of the Chitina River before crossing it to meet a bush plane.  The flight back up the river and over the Kennicott and Root Glaciers is a spectacular ending to a spectacular day.  Keep your camera handy for magnificent views of snow-covered Mt. Blackburn, the tumbled seracs of the Stairway Icefall, aerial views of McCarthy & Kennecott, and a glimpse of the precariously perched Erie Mine Bunkhouse.

The 2-day Alaska adventure package is fun for all and a great way to experience the Wrangell St. Elias National Park.

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“A fantastic experience — wild Alaska at its best!”

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