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Paddle Among the Icebergs!

wrangell mountains icebergsYou’ll begin your day full of adventure at our home base (the Motherlode Powerhouse) in the rustic bush town of McCarthy, where your guide will fit you with rubber boots, a PFD, and any additional gear you’ll need for your day of adventure. We also have dry bags available to store your camera and any extra layers you want to keep dry. Then, it’s off to the McCarthy airstrip to fly into the Nizina Glacier. Enjoy the splendor of the Wrangell Mountains from the air, as your bush pilot navigates the mountains and glaciers, and lands on a rugged airstrip by the Nizina Lake. As you watch the plane take off to return to McCarthy, you can revel in the remoteness, knowing you’re the only people for miles around.

paddling among icebergs in alaskaNow it’s time to follow your guide down to the water, taking in the beautiful glaciers and rocky peaks surrounding you. After inflating the boats and a quick safety talk, it’s time to explore the icebergs of Nizina Lake! The inflatable kayaks are very easy to paddle, and are very stable in the water, making them an excellent watercraft for this trip. Depending on your paddling skills, you may be able to paddle up towards the towering face of the Nizina Glacier, as well as explore the sculpted features of the lake’s icebergs.

You’ll take a break from paddling to enjoy your lunch, and may even take a short hike along the edge of the lake to rest your arms. Then it’s time to hop back into the kayaks and paddle your way back to your “put-in.” As your jaw drops from the beauty of the white ice around you, don’t forget to take your camera out and capture some pictures! You’ll have some additional time to explore the shores of Nizina Lake (and can even hike down to the outlet, where the Nizina River begins) while your guide deflates and packs up the kayaks.

kayaking in alaskaNext, it’s back to the airstrip, to wait for the hum of the bush plane returning to bring you back to McCarthy. Make sure to have your cameras out to catch a video of the plane landing! Enjoy the spectacular scenery on your flight back, and look forward to your warm dinner and cozy bed when you get back into town. For a true wilderness experience, while still enjoying the comforts of a warm room in McCarthy, this trip can’t be beat!

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“A fantastic experience — wild Alaska at its best!”

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