— Mt. Drum Expedition —

The Details

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Yuri L Mountaineering

Big Mountain Technical Ridge Climbing!

Mt. Drum is a great introduction to the more technical side of mountaineering. This stout and often underappreciated gem rises to 12,010 feet which eliminates having to contend with altitude and heavy glaciation and allows you to focus solely on steep snow and ridge climbing. Sticking out the west end of the Wrangells, Mt. Drum is infamous for being the first to catch the hardy Alaskan storms as they blow into the Wrangells which adds quite the element of excitment as you work your way up the appropriately named ‘Hurricane Ridge’! As an added bonus, landing on the Tundra gives you the chance to climb this mountain in the truest form, from the bottom!

 Trip Highlights:

  • Great objective for mountaineers looking to take their skills to the next level by challenging themselves in technical terrain
  • Enjoy the unique challenges of climbing an Alaskan Mountain Ridge
  • Spectacular setting among the Wrangell Mountains
  • Learning techniques for traveling in avalanche terrain

“A fantastic experience — wild Alaska at its best!”

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