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Man scaling an Alaskan peak

Learn how to climb an Alaskan peak!

Fly deep into the Chugach Mountains to access a remote valley for this comprehensive Alaska mountaineering course. Mountaineering puts together the skills of rock, snow, and ice climbing with trip planning and risk mitigation, to execute a successful alpine expedition. Deepen your understanding of these techniques and open the door to greater adventures.

Learning Objective:

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Trip Details

Trip Length
7 days
5-day backcountry trip

Total Mileage

Total Elevation Gain/Loss

Private Solo

Private 2 Participants

Private 3-8 Participants


Group Trip Dates:
June 23-29, 2024 (FULL)
Aug 18-24, 2024

Private Trips with custom dates are available. Schedule a call with our Expedition Coordinator to plan your Private Trip today!

Want to book a Private Trip or not sure if this is the right trip for you? Schedule a call with our Expedition Coordinator at a time that works well for you. She’ll help you narrow down which trip is best for you and answer any questions you have about our trips, the local area or surrounding logistics.



Consider what your goals are for this expedition:
Are they to learn as much as possible? If yes, we recommend a Course. A Course-style trip is completely focused on learning and solidifying your mountain skills to set you up for the next big adventure.
Is your goal just to have fun? Although fun is more of a state of mind that you can bring on any trip, our most fun-focused mountaineering trip is going to be our Chugach Backcountry Ski Basecamp. If you're not a backcountry skier or rider, consider signing up for a Private Custom trip and we can create the perfect fun-filled adventure for you!
If your goal is to conquor a major Alaska summit you should be looking at our objective-based expeditions, anything with "Mt. ...." in the title. Here the objective is to summit and descend safely. Each mountain requires something different so check out each trip and use the Alaska rating system to determine what level of difficulty or technicality you are ready for.

Remember that whatever your goals are, you can definitely have fun and learn on any trip - that part is up to you!

Yes! Our Intro to Mountaineering Course is designed to teach you the basic skills you need to join an Alaskan big-mountain expedition. Remember that an objective-based expedition also requires excellent fitness, so we require physical training in addition to a comfortable knowledge and skills base. Because we always have to vet applicants for our objective-based trips, those that have done any type of multi-day adventure with our company already have a leg up - our guides have been out in the field with you and can comfortably make a recomendation on which summit is best for you.

The most typical progression for climbers is to join our Intro to Mountaineering Course, knock out a big summit or two in the lower-48 (something like Rainier, Baker or Shasta) and then join us on a non-technical, high-altitude expedition like Mt. Bear or Mt. Bona. After one remote, Alaskan big-mountain objective is complete, don't blame us when the cravings start and you set your sights on the even more challenging Mt. Blackburn!

We pride ourselves on cooking healthy and delicious meals even under the most adverse conditions! Your exact menu will depend on the trip, your guide, and the dietary preferences/restrictions you list in your Trip Application. No matter what kind of cook your guide is at home, all our guides are well-trained backcountry chefs and use time-tested recipes from our proprietary cookbook for their trips. We carry a plentiful and varied stock of ingredients and most meals are prepared from scratch (allowing for easy substitutions, additions or subtractions of ingredients). We onlyt use pre-packed freeze-dried meals on summit pushes on our mountaineering expeditions.

On our backpacking and basecamp trips, you can expect 3 meals a day, plus snacks of your choice. Breakfasts and dinners are usually hot meals and lunches are served cold. On mountaineering trips lunches consist of a variety of snacks as it can be hard to organize group meals while on a rope team.
We use a combination of fresh, dehydrated, and freeze-dried ingredients to make our delicious meals, however on longer backpacking and mountaineering trips your guides will use more freeze-dried foods than fresh foods to keep pack weights as low as possible. On our rafting trips, we cook full multi-course meals with fresh ingredients and enjoy hot and cold breakfasts, cold lunches and hot dinners.

Meals for most trips start with Lunch on the first day and end with Lunch on the last day. *

*If you are signed up for a Custom Trip Package with us, it may include more meals. Check with us if you’re not sure. Mountaineering trips also include meals in McCarthy before and after the backcountry expedition.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel before 45 days of the itinerary start date you are eligible to receive a 100% refund of your deposit.

If you cancel within 30-45 days of your itinerary start date you are not eligible to receive a refund of your deposit.

30 days before your itinerary start date, your balance payment will be due and this will be final. No refunds are offered for cancellations within 30 days of the itinerary start date.

* Instead of getting a refund, you can always choose to hold the entirety of your payments with us and apply them to a future trip if you prefer. (If you choose this option, you forgo the option to receive a refund later.)

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