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The Nizina trip was magical. It was so worth all of the effort it takes to get in there. And it's somewhere I'd never get to see on my own. From the bush planes to and from the river and all of the people who Read More >

Robin P Mountaineering First Ascents 2014

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Standing somewhere nobody else has previously stood is an absolutely exhilarating feeling! With the growing reaches and popularity of the climbing world, there are few places left untouched and unclimbed. We feel incredibly lucky to live and climb in a world where there is still an option to experience something nobody else has. With no previous knowledge or ‘beta’ to rely on, this trip will no doubt fulfill a promise of adventure, problem-solving, and working together as a team. With over 150 first ascents to our name, our guides have the knowledge and experience to give you a once-in-a-lifetime shot of being the first team to summit the mountain of your dreams! The question is; Who will have more fun…you, or your guide?!?! For the ultimate experience, a basic understanding of mountaineering is recommended.

Trip Highlights:

  • First ascent on a remote Alaskan peak!
  • Custom selected objectives to cater to your climbing ability
  • Flexibility to account for unexpected weather delays
  • Small groups will encourage an optimal learning environment

“A fantastic experience — wild Alaska at its best!”

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