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I have done hiking and trekking trips all over the world (Indonesia, Central America, Peru, Micronesia, the French Alps, east Africa), and never have I encountered a wilderness as rugged and spectacularly beautiful as that in Chitistone Canyon. Along the trek, the scenery changes from precipitous scree slope to verdant river valley to alpine meadow to snow-covered trail to burnt orange canyonland. We were even lucky enough to see a red fox hunt and kill a ground squirrel. Other wildlife sightings included Dall sheep, mountain goats, pika, marmot, and bear and caribou tracks. This trek not only pushed me physically but opened my eyes to the stunning desolation of the Alaskan wilderness. I could not recommend this trek highly enough.

Lisanne P Backpacking Upper Goat Trail 2012 April 13, 2018

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