Iceberg Lake Basecamp 2010
April 13, 2018

Upon meeting Ben we instantly knew we were in good hands. We immediately felt he was a perfect match for us as we discussed what type of experience we were looking for and some of the adventures we had had in the past. He gave us some suggestions on what to do at Iceberg Lake and we were off and running. His adventurous nature and his love for history gave us exactly the adventure we were looking for. Each day we picked a destination and with his knowledge he helped us forage every obstacle. The landscape of Iceberg Lake was an entirely new environment for Jay and I. As novices we felt 100% safe and trust in Ben’s abilities, skills, and experience. Ben successfully balanced our adventurous spirit with our lack of experience in this particular terrain. We walked away from Iceberg Lake with a better understanding of this unique treasure and gained confidence in our own abilities. Ben was always professional and made us feel comfortable with him from the start. It felt like we were old friends just handing out together.

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