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    A big smile rarely leaves the beaming face of Operations Manager/Guide Sarah. Through wind, rain, or snow, Sarah shares her positive energy and enthusiasm with all who are around her. She can be found exploring the Kennecott Mill building, hiking and climbing out on the Root glacier, leading backpacking trips deep within the Wrangell Mountains backcountry, or rowing a fully-loaded raft down the river. With a master’s degree in engineering, Sarah enjoys the technical aspects of glaciology and the mining/milling processes, so be sure to ask her lots of questions! In the backcountry, her favorite rafting trip is the Copper River, and on foot – the High Pass Odyssey. She enjoys both of these for their varied landscape and rugged mountain views!

    Hailing from the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, Sarah grew up exploring the country in her family’s pop-up camper. She quickly succumbed to the lure of the Rocky Mountains, and then caught the” Alaska bug” after a summer-long Alaskan road trip in college. Since then, she’s lived in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana, and loves returning to McCarthy for the summer. Her favorite activity is “playing outside,” whether it is skiing, climbing, biking, or any other human-powered activity. When she’s not out exploring, she enjoys board games, ultimate frisbee, pond hockey, and catching up on a good book.

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