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    Born in the shadow of Mt. Fuji, but raised in the flat state of Florida, the first mountain that Sam can remember seeing was Mt. Shasta in California when she was a teen. It was just one lonely mountain, but it changed everything. Shortly after graduating from the University of West Florida with a degree in Cultural Anthropology, she packed her bags and joined a trail crew working in Inyo National Forest. For five months she lived out of a tent in the backcountry of Inyo receiving mail and food supplies from pack mules. Rustic living, the satisfaction of hard work, and the chance to explore true backcountry have since become an irresistible combination.

    sam with chainsawWhen she’s not out on the nearest trail you can find Sam being as cozy as possible. Usually, that means she’s wearing an oversized sweater and reading a Russian novel (translated to English). But on a more social day, she’ll be in a local brewery or coffee shop…still in an oversized sweater.

    With her love for the outdoors and remote areas, Sam feels right at home in the Wrangells. And if you get the chance to meet her, her low-key vibes and personable nature will help you feel right at home too. But don’t let her sweet smile fool you – if given the chance she’ll show you just what southern sass really is.


    • Hometown: Crestview, FL
    • Education: Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology with Minors in Social Welfare and Philiosophy from the University of West Florida
    • Certifications: Wilderness First Responder, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws, Level A Sawyer Crosscut
    • Favorite Wrangell Adventure: Ending a 5-day Chugach Circuit with co-guide Ryan, finding out there are Cub flights available to Allie’s Valley, and immediately repacking our bags to fly out and backpack from Allie’s Valley to Iceberg Lake.
    • Best Wrangell Memory: Singing a completely made-up song at the top of our lungs titled “Moose-Highway” while circumnavigating the Kennicott Valley based on beta from a fellow guide who promised “Moose-Highways” that would cut through the brush. No Moose-Highways were found and we did a lot of bushwhacking…but it was worth it!

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