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    Our resident Canadian, Ryan knows maple syrup, ice hockey, and the metric system. Fortunately for us, he also knows ice climbing, backpacking, and skiing. Coming to us with a background of ski guiding in the winters, he quickly became enamored with the rugged terrain and unlimited adventures the Wrangell Mountains hold.

    Ryan guides year-round, working the Wrangell-St. Elias season in the summer, and then (slowly) driving his stick-shift Mitsubishi Delica van down the Alcan to the mountains of British Columbia, where he dives into his winter season of guiding. When he’s not a work, he’s living out of his van (named Trinity), and planning/executing extended ski traverses to explore new terrain. In the summers, Ryan spends his days off ice climbing on the Root Glacier, or attempting seldom-done traverses out from McCarthy. While he’s working, some of his favorite trips include the Glacier and Tundra, or anything that involves Iceberg Lake.

    If you’re lucky enough to end up with Ryan as your guide, be prepared for him to flash his bright smile, dazzle you with interesting facts about the Wrangells, and passionately share his love of the Wrangell Mountains with you. He also cooks a mean cous cous recipe

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