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    While many are intimidated by his large beard, collection of flannel shirts, piercing stare, and overall classic “Mountain Man” appearance, Robin is sure to charm you with his fun and easy-going personality. Robin grew up in sunny Elk Grove, California, but the lure of adventure and ice brought him to Gunnison, Colorado. He earned his degree in Recreation and Outdoor Education from Western State Colorado University along with his Wilderness First Responder certification, and fell in love with all the rafting, rock and ice climbing, and nordic adventures the mountains had to offer.

    Now that he’s up in Alaska, “Captain Big Rob” is incredibly stoked to guide you on a trip down the river or take you exploring up the glacier. In addition to his love of the outdoors, Robin seeks out wearing ridiculous costumes whenever possible, loves pizza, selfies, and listens to more electronic dance music than is good for him. His excitement is contagious, and he’ll have you dancing through the Wrangells in no time!

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