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    An avid hiker, skier, and traveler from the South, Rachel spent her childhood in Montana and teen years in Tennessee – an upbringing of both steep peaks and rolling mountains, deep powder and slushy snow. In an attempt to avoid the slushy, Rachel spent four years at the University of Denver, leading the university’s alpine club trips in the west and southwest. By the luckiest of fortunes, Rachel found herself in McCarthy, AK, where she spent two seasons exploring and sharing her enthusiasm for the town, the glaciers and the mountains (her favorite trip is the Journey to Oz – a trip as magical as it is dubbed).

    After a yearlong stint in Sri Lanka (in a valiant attempt to apply her university degree in International Studies and Strategic Communications), Rachel decided to come back state-side and work in the outdoors once again. Most recently, she’s spent her winter season as an adaptive ski instructor in Vermont and is excited to head back to the vast landscapes of the Wrangells and her favorite town in the world, McCarthy for another summer.

    Whether on the glacier, in the office, or downtown (eating ice cream at the Merc), Rachel loves connecting with people and sharing a fact or two about the unique history of the Kennicott Valley. She is more than stoked for another season showing folks why Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is the coolest place on earth.

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