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    man hugging rockHailing from the Midwest, Mike was able to break out to explore the world with his trusty backpack in tow. Armed with his forever growing aspiration to become a citizen of the world, he began his solo adventures in Australia. His genuine stoke for life, dedication to overcome all his fears, and his immense desire to learn has guided him through many incredible adventures and experiences, including working over 20 different jobs throughout his travels! 

    Starting as a backpacker, Mike saw his first mountain in Australia when he was 21 and knew what his next adventure had to be. Whether it’s with skis or a snowboard, by hiking or climbing, or even just living in the mountains, Mike can’t stay away. His passion finally drew him to the Wrangells, and we can’t blame him – who wouldn’t want to live and work in one of North America’s biggest playgrounds?!  With Mike’s wild sense of adventure and enthusiasm for life, we couldn’t be happier that he comes back to spend his summers in the Wrangells with his SEAG family.

    man in crevasseYou can find Mike on the Root Glacier Trail talking about Dwayne “The Rock”, out on the glacier excitedly teaching folks about glaciology, in the Mill Building telling dramatic tales from those early mining days, rafting on the glacial rivers or simply doing yoga out on the river bar – did we mention his immense desire to learn? No matter where you meet him, he’ll always have a smile on his face, an openness to talk about life, and a passion to learn and teach. One conversation with Mike will get you ‘stoked’ for your next adventure!

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