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    Although just a recent college graduate, Max has racked up more incredible adventures than most anyone you’ll meet. Crossing precariously frozen lakes to ice climb in negative temperatures? As Max would say, it builds character. With all his experience, he’s able to introduce you to the best of Wrangell-St. Elias while keeping you safe and always entertained. If there’s anything near your campsite that could possibly be climbed (a crack in a boulder just barely big enough to fit into, the slick walls of an ice cave), Max will find it and get after it.

    In the off-season, you’ll find Max back at Western State in Colorado, snowboarding and mastering rock and ice routes in his spare time. He’s thoughtful and insightful beyond his years, and tremendously funny to boot. Max thrives on sharing his love of the outdoors with others, and he’ll do everything he can to make your trip absolutely unforgettable! Whether it’s an Ice Climbing trip, or his favorite backpacking trip – the Chitistone Goat Trail, you’ll have a great time exploring the Wrangell Mountains with Max!

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