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    Chances are if you’ve called our office before heading out to McCarthy / Kennecott, you’ve already talked to Kristin. She joined us in 2014, and has been keeping the guides in line ever since. She’ll greet you with a smile and help pick the right adventure for you! In addition to helping run the office, she leads glacier hikes and history tours.

    Kristin’s favorite trip in the park is basecamping at Iceberg Lake. Because the landscape is so varied, you can hike on a nearby glacier, check out an alpine meadow, or take in panoramic views of the Tana Glacier. In her words, “Iceberg Lake offers everything you can think of when you hear the word ‘Alaska.’”

    Kristin comes to us from Ely, MN, where she ran canoe trips in the Boundary Waters. In her spare time, Kristin restores motorcycles, roots for the Green Bay Packers, and travels the country in her hearty pick-up truck, Betty. She loves helping people have an amazing time during their visit to Wrangell-St. Elias, and she’s eager to share her love of the outdoors with you!

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