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    As a California grown, multi-sport adventure lover, her passion for human-powered sports began with her rural upbringing in the mountains of northern California. Cross-country skiing and chopping wood were her main pastimes until she moved to the vertical frontier of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevadas. Influenced by the infectious joy that comes with playing in the mountains, Kelly continues to expand her skill set as a skier, climber, and kayaker. 

    When not out adventuring, you can find Kelly Olympic-style weightlifting with her team, or finding a remote place to practice her aerial silks. A lover of variety (especially in her outdoor endeavors), Kelly’s dream day would involve cross country skiing in the morning (with her Australian Shepard, Nala), riding her mountain bike in the afternoon (somewhere in the sun), and rock climbing in the evening. Fortunately for Kelly, the Wrangells offer great abilities to combine multiple sports in one day! In McCarthy, Kelly is often found spending her days off hiking and packrafting the rugged mountain wilderness!

    Kelly has a soft and playful spirit. She is easily approachable and genuinely enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for big mountain landscapes. She loves teaching ice climbing and taking groups to explore the glacier. Her personal favorite activity on the glacier is dropping rocks into moulins and waiting to hear the clunks and splashes they make (trust us, it’s pretty fun). If you join Kelly on the glacier, you are bound to feel the excitement that comes from living where you play!

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