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    The only thing Jonny loves more than skiing is his girlfriend Leslie, with whom he lives in a converted school bus, traveling the West coast of North America in search of deep snow, fun rivers and endless adventure. Growing up in Canada, Jonny was a choirboy and skier. He quickly realized that neither his hoarse pipes or skiing ability would take him far in life; however, skiing was more fun than singing, so that became his passion. His passion for skiing became a passion for the outdoors, and he has been moving north and west ever since in pursuit of ever wilder and more beautiful places. This pursuit that has lead him all the way to Wrangell St Elias National Park (and St. Elias Alpine Guides!). His parents still wonder where they went wrong with him.

    Jonny loves sharing wild places with others and exposing people to the raw and uncompromising beauty of natural places, especially Alaska. He believes that spending time outside offers people the chance to learn more about themselves, their environment and the world in which they live. In the Wrangells, he can be found leading hikes out on the glacier, rowing rafts down the river, or elbow-deep in grease as he repairs our vehicle fleet. Around the Powerhouse, Jonny is known for his knack for fixing things – boat pumps, vehicles, carpentry work – you name it. With the number of repair projects we create in the summers, it sure does keep him busy! One of his favorite trips in the park is the Nizina River, with it’s incredible views and great side-hikes to waterfalls!

    When not working, Jonny enjoys riding fat tire bicycles, recreational airplane spotting, checking snow reports, and dreaming of travel. He’s also dabbled in ultra marathon running, endurance bushwhacking and even occasionally finds time to sit down and read a book.

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