Jonas has lived all over, but the Kennicott-McCarthy valley remains one of his happiest places to be. Originally from the vastly underappreciated city of Philadelphia, Jonas seeks out (mostly land-based) adventures in the bumpiest spots on the map he can find. He spent several years living on the northeastern Tibetan plateau, where he taught semi-nomadic students while adventuring throughout the mountains of central Asia. He’s also lived and taught in Maine and California, where he has explored as much of the surrounding beauty as possible on ski, bike, and foot (feet?).

    These days, during the non-summer parts of the year, Jonas teaches high school history and English to incredibly inspiring recent immigrant and refugee students in Seattle. He enjoys learning languages, reading, creating culinary masterpieces (which, as he eschews recipes, he is never able to replicate exactly) and excessively long runs in the mountains wearing the most wonderfully colorful shorts imaginable. He spends as much of his free time as possible eating excessively spicy foods and exploring the beautiful PNW with his husband and friends.

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