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    alaska mountain guideBorn and raised in California, Harrison’s desire to explore the rugged wilds of Alaska grew and grew until 2018, when he moved to the Wrangells and joined the SEAG crew. With his backpacking and climbing background, he quickly proved his skills as a guide and outdoorsman and could be found putting in long days on the Root Glacier, making sure his ice climbing clients experienced a trip-of-a-lifetime. When he’s not guiding out on the glacier, Harrison can be found around the Powerhouse, strumming away on his guitar and entertaining the SEAG crew with his musical talents. But the talents don’t stop there…

    As a California boy, Harrison has quite the surfing abilities (which unfortunately don’t shine in McCarthy), but also has the ability to tinker away on old cars that don’t quite run right (which DEFINITELY shines in McCarthy), so if you stop by the Powerhouse looking for Harrison, be sure to check under the hood of whichever vehicle is stranded in the driveway. Chances are, he’ll be there.

    root glacier guide

    Harrison spent his winter ski instructing in Colorado, and enjoyed working with people of all backgrounds and abilities (and enjoyed the powder days too!). For the upcoming season, Harrison is honing in his rafting skills and is looking forward to running the Raft and Flightsee trip in the future. He’s also invested in his own packraft (inflatable single-person raft that can be hiked in to rivers) and is looking forward to lots of time on the Wrangell-St. Elias rivers this year! So whether it’s on the rivers, glacier, or in the backcountry, keep an eye out for Harrison and his signature smile this year!

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