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    hikers above glaciersAngus (known as “Gus”) is one of the newest additions to the SEAG crew, first stepping foot in Alaska in 2019. While he is new to the Kennicott valley, he is no stranger to wild places. Growing up in the Swan and Mission Mountains in Montana, he was on skis by the age of two and splitting wood by five. His passion for the outdoors and recreation continues to this day, and is reflected in his stoke for the Wrangell Mountains and the McCarthy community. 

    In the off-season, Gus calls the Northern Rockies home. Hopping between northwest Montana and eastern Idaho, he usually can be found where the snow is deepest. Angus views skiing deep powder as a form of religion, forever seeking enlightenment through deep faceshots and big dumps. It’s not a rare sight to see Gus scoping out potential lines from the car, whether he’s in the driver’s seat or not (be sure to stay alert if you’re driving through Montana or Idaho!) 

    campfire and guitar strummingGus is a self-proclaimed expert at combining his stoke for outdoor adventures with his stoke for drinking cheap beer, eating tasty burritos, and jamming by the campfire. He’s a phenomenal musician, so don’t be surprised if you swing by the Powerhouse and find Gus perched on a log by the campfire, entertaining us all with his classic renditions. If he’s not there, you can be sure to find him chowing down at the Golden Saloon or the Potato after a day spent exploring the glacier.

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