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    Former Owner Gaia Marrs grew up in the Kennicott Valley and has spent her whole life rafting, hiking, sledding, skiing and dogsledding through the surrounding wilderness. Her first time down the Kennicott, Nizina and Chitina Rivers was at age two, riding in the bail bucket at the front of the raft. Gaia has been leading river trips in the Wrangells for over a decade and was a participant in these adventures for many years before that. One of her favorite trips to lead is the Copper River, for it’s big water and dramatically changing views.

    In between leading river trips and supervising raft guides, Gaia attempts to keep the whole operation running smoothly day to day. Chances are, if you give us a call, Gaia is the voice that will greet you on the other end of the line, and if you need someone to be somewhere, and quickly, Gaia is the one that will make it happen.

    In all her copious quantities of spare time, Gaia has earned her blackbelt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido, volunteers at the hospital with her therapy dog, Duke, and puts as many hours as possible on her private pilot license.

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