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    Hailing from Utah, David is no stranger to the mountains. Breathing in the cold air and playing in the snow make up some of his fondest childhood memories! As an adult, he still finds plenty of excuses to play in the mountains, usually involving his snowboard!

    With an open mind, David finds awe even in the little things. Finding peace in the wilderness, David has fallen in love with the way the wilds and civilization blend here in McCarthy. The thin line the separates the front country from the backcountry makes every day an adventure!

    Overflowing with enthusiasm, he loves sharing the beauty of the Wrangells with others and nothing compares to the joy and excitement of seeing his clients walking on a glacier for the first time! A thoughtful guy, David really connects with his clients and loves the authenticity that comes out of people deep in the wilderness.

    When he’s not out guiding, David can often be found relaxing by the McCarthy creek, listening to the flowing water and the wind blowing through the nearby willows. Always on the lookout for a new experience, David also has a keen interest in music and plays the guitar, mandolin, and even dabbles with the didgeridoo! (If you don’t know what the didgeridoo is, look it up! It’s hard to describe…but extremely impressive!)

    A self-proclaimed lover of “Type 2 Fun,” you’re bound to have a fun trip with David as your guide!

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