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    Clint, aka Sea Bear, grew up in northern California, where he fell in love with the outdoors after yearly camping trips with his grandmother. She taught him the importance of nature and living in the moment. His favorite outdoor activities are kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, exploring alpine glaciers, and dropping/throwing sizable rocks into moulins with clients. Legend has it that when he throws rocks into moulins or finds himself in exciting situations, he lets out his signature WOOO!

    When he’s not exploring the Alaskan outdoors, you can find him in the kitchen whipping up something (usually Garlic Knots or Grits), reading one of his favorite books, or rewatching Downton Abbey for the millionth time. Outside of the outdoors, Clint has a passion for writing/storytelling, playing guitar, traveling to New Orleans, and searching for the best hot sauce the world has to offer—still looking.

    When you see him don’t forget to WOOO! He will WOOO! Back.

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